Optimize Your Data Custom Database, API, and AI Solutions

  • Maximize efficiency with custom database solutions.

  • Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights.

  • Streamline operations with seamless API integrations.

  • Unlock the power of AI for smarter decision-making.

  • Adapt and grow with scalable, flexible solutions.

  • Personalized consulting and support for long-term success.

Database | Software Desktop Image

Optimize Your Data Custom Database, API, and AI Solutions

  • Maximize efficiency with custom database solutions.

  • Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights.

  • Streamline operations with seamless API integrations.

  • Unlock the power of AI for smarter decision-making.

  • Adapt and grow with scalable, flexible solutions.

  • Personalized consulting and support for long-term success.

Database | Software Desktop Image
Database | Software Desktop Image

Optimize Your Data Custom Database, API, and AI Solutions

  • Maximize efficiency with custom database solutions.

  • Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights.

  • Streamline operations with seamless API integrations.

  • Unlock the power of AI for smarter decision-making.

  • Adapt and grow with scalable, flexible solutions.

  • Personalized consulting and support for long-term success.

Our Services

Manage Data, Connect Systems, Leverage AI


database solutions

Streamline your workflows, gain valuable insights, and optimize your operations with database solutions designed for your unique needs.

FileMaker Pro, MySQL, Postgres, AWS RDS, DynamoDB

API Integrations

Seamless API Integrations

Connect your systems, automate processes, and eliminate data silos with robust API solutions that enhance efficiency and save you time.

RESTful APIs, Python, Node.js, AWS API Gateway, native FileMaker API Integrations


Unlock the Power of AI

Make data-driven decisions, gain a competitive edge, and solve complex problems with cutting-edge AI solutions customized for your business.

LLM Integration, Multi-Model Workflow, Expert Prompt Engineering

Empowering businesses with tools to turn their data into a competitive advantage since 1986


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Mastering AI Token Limits and Memory

42K views and 25K reads on Medium / Ranks #1 or #2 in Google for "token limit."

This in-depth article explores the concepts of tokens and memory limitations in Large Language Models (LLMs). It provides practical strategies for optimizing token usage, including conversation summarization and prompt management techniques, enhancing AI output and efficiency.

Mastering Token Costs in ChatGPT and Other Large Language Models

3K views, 1.5K reads

This article explores ways to optimize token costs in AI models, including conversation and content revision use cases. It explains that AI models and their APIs use tokens, which are small pieces of text, to process information. The more tokens used, the higher the cost. Conversational AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 charge by the number of tokens in both the question and the answer. Content revision AI models consider the prior context, new prompt, and completion to determine cost. To minimize costs, users can choose less expensive models, keep conversations focused, combine questions, remove irrelevant context, reset the context, and use a prompt manager.

Modern flat illustration of a young woman with gears in her head contemplating how to write effecite prompts for large language models
"Prompt Engineer" - detailed prompt chain by Russell Kohn, Rendeing by MidJourney
Database | article-img-3

The AI Revolution: Leveraging Skills and Expertise for Real Value

The AI Revolution: Leveraging Skills and Expertise for Real Value" explores the transformative power of AI but cautions against its overuse. It draws parallels to previous technology revolutions, emphasizing that skills will remain paramount even as AI becomes widely adopted. The article stresses that avoiding the pitfalls of AI – such as low-quality content and market saturation – requires a focus on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and ethical reasoning, regardless of whether one is a user or a developer of AI technology.

Case Study: Streamlining Schema Development with GPT-4

This article details how the author utilized GPT-4 to accelerate the development of a Part Master system schema for a manufacturing client. GPT-4 offered valuable insights and critiques, expediting the process. Key takeaways include:

GPT-4 Capabilities: GPT-4 helped refine the schema, providing feedback on its structure and comprehensiveness.
Limitations: Users should be aware of potentially outdated links and opinionated language in GPT-4's analysis.
Value: GPT-4 is a powerful tool, but it's crucial to verify its output for accuracy and completeness.

Scenic Chaparral trail in the Santa Monica Mountains near Agoura Hills, CA - Home of Chaparral Software: Your database, API, and AI solution partner. (Photo credit: Russell Kohn)

Inspired by the serene beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains, we transform data into actionable insights that elevate your business.

about chaparral

Founder's Statement

"With over three decades of experience, I'm a database, API, and AI specialist focused on delivering results. I excel at transforming complex data challenges into actionable insights that drive efficiency and fuel growth for your business. Whether it's a custom database for streamlining operations, seamless API integrations, or cutting-edge AI solutions, I collaborate closely with you to understand your unique goals and build tailored solutions that address your specific needs."

- Russell Kohn

our mission

We empower people to be their best through custom technical solutions.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Business : We are a People Business.

  • Our Relationship : We build strong relationships with our clients, who are our most important assets.

  • Environment : We cultivate a professional team environment dedicated to personal development and technical excellence.

  • Challenges : We embrace intellectually stimulating and rewarding work.

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A bit of history

1980s: The Foundation of Data Expertise
  • Founded in 1986, Chaparral Software began by solving clients' complex data challenges with custom database solutions. Our commitment to understanding individual business needs and delivering tailored tools became the cornerstone of our approach.
1990s: Evolving with Technology and Client Needs
  • Recognizing the growing demand for integrated solutions, we expanded to become a Value-Added Reseller. This allowed us to offer clients a single point of contact for hardware, software, and our core database development services.
  • As the internet revolutionized businesses, we invested in secure hosting and web development to empower our clients' online presence.
2000s: Focusing on the Core
  • The new millennium taught us the importance of focus. We strategically streamlined our offerings, specializing in what we do best: data management solutions.
  • While navigating the ups and downs of the tech industry, we never lost sight of our mission to analyze data, identify trends, and unlock insights for our clients.
2010s: Embracing APIs and Mastering AWS for Scalability and Innovation
  • Recognizing the transformative power of APIs for seamless data exchange and automation.
  • Building extensive experience in API design, implementation, and integration across various platforms.
  • Expanding our cloud capabilities with AWS, developing expertise in CloudFormation, VPC, SQS, Kinesis, RDS, EC2, Lambdas (Python), and event-driven architectures.
  • Pioneering seamless integration of cloud-based systems with on-premise solutions, including FileMaker.
2020s: Harnessing the Power of AI
  • Investing in cutting-edge AI technologies to unlock deeper insights and smarter decision-making for clients.
  • Creating tailored AI solutions for data analysis, predictions, and problem-solving across industries.
Today: Data-Driven Solutions for the Future
  • Our legacy of expertise in databases, API integrations, AI, and AWS empowers us to deliver comprehensive solutions.
  • We're committed to continuous learning and helping businesses of all sizes thrive in a technology-driven world.

Proven Track Record

30+ Years of Data Solutions for Healthcare, Entertainment, Manufacturing and More

From Auctioneers to Zoologists - We’ve partnered with businesses across sectors to solve unique challenges

  • AAMCO Transmissions

    Designed and Implemented API integration as a consultant, collaborating with third-party francise app developer and corporate IT to streamline franchise operations

  • Aggressive Skaters Association

    Built a custom FileMaker Pro system to manage skater data, competition results, and generate official rankings for their professional league

  • American Recordings

    FileMaker CRM and marketing database support

  • Amgen, Inc.

    Consulting and Training

  • A. N. Abell Auction Company

    Custom Auction Management system

  • Anohana Production Management

    Storyboard management system

  • Arthur D. Little, Inc.

    Desktop Support services

  • Belkin Corporation

    Desktop and Server support

  • Blue Cross of California

    Custom data modeling and analysis consulting and programming

  • Breakdown Services

    Developed an API integration between core data services and authorized representatives of talent, streamlining casting data flow. Collaborated with internal and third-party teams to deliver a solution used by hundreds of industry professionals.

  • California State University, Fullerton

    Biology Assessment System Needs analysis and specifications

  • The Coca Cola Company

    Played a pivotal role in the development of the pioneering Coke Studios virtual experience. Handled XSLT integration for store functionality, linking HTML and Stellent content, and facilitated cross-team collaboration to establish a framework within a complex technology stack

  • Dawson’s Book Shop

    Pioneered e-commerce for a complex antiquarian inventory, developing a custom system with early integration to Amazon, ABE, and other specialized marketplaces

  • FantaSea Yachts

    Developed and maintained a custom FileMaker Pro coprorate event, wedding and private charter sales and event management system for over 24 years, demonstrating a commitment to long-term client partnerships

  • Filemaker, Inc.

    Consulted on and developed high-impact demos for their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, showcasing advanced FileMaker Pro capabilities

  • Fractal Medical Solutions

    Prototyped a solution for real-time doctor note capture, focusing on innovative UI design and exploring rule-based decision trees. Demonstrates adaptability and a focus on improving user experience in healthcare workflows

  • GlennDee/MGI

    Developing a custom FileMaker Pro solution for a metal fabrication company, demonstrating expertise in streamlining manufacturing workflows and job management

  • House Ear Institute

    Designed a comprehensive equipment management system to streamline inventory tracking, optimize resource allocation, and enhance accountability within a medical services environment

  • Imaginary Forces

    Collaborated with multiple stakeholders as lead contractor on the Coke Studios project, ensuring seamless integration of VR elements, API development, and overall project success

  • Kal Kan Pet Care

    Developed a custom data management solution for their in-factory lab, streamlining sample management, test result tracking, and ensuring regulatory compliance with a focus on health standards

  • LA/NY Music

    Developed a custom rights management system to handle complex music licensing, royalty tracking, and metadata management for a Jingle house

  • Lind Data

    Augmented their in-house FileMaker Pro development with specialized expertise, handling complex API integrations, server maintenance, and the development of a secure web portal for customer account setup, employee access management, and metadata retrieval

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Custom contract generation system linked via FileMaker Pro

  • Los Angeles Opera

    FileMaker Pro customization

  • MCA Music Entertainment Group

    Provided emergency support during a Remedy system failure over a holiday period (100 hours), rapidly developing a FileMaker Pro solution to maintain business processes

  • National Medical Review Office

    Developed the original version of their medical review platform, streamlining workflows, improving decision-making, and optimizing outcomes within the healthcare sector

  • Opportunities & Services for Seniors

    Field support and custom marketing support database

  • Paul Vitello Productions, Inc.

    Engineered a pre-QuickTime animation production solution involving custom image capture, database integration, and a frame-based editing UI. This significantly enhanced animation pre-visualization

  • Performing Tree

    Custom FileMaker Pro database

  • Regenix, Inc.

    Provided FileMaker Pro consulting and development since 2013, significantly improving an existing system, building robust integrations with their web store, and streamlining back-end and fulfillment processes

  • SD Media

    Provided technical support, data optimization, and feature enhancements to an existing database system, improving its performance, reliability, and user experience

  • Smart Corporation

    Functional Specifications and Prototype of automated invoicing system

  • Target Therapeutics

    Target Therapeutics (a Boston Scientific Corporation division) – Developed a custom Kaplan-Meier survivability analysis and graphing program, supporting critical medical research and data visualization

  • The WB Television Network

    Developed functional specifications for a FileMaker Pro solution, demonstrating expertise in media production workflows and strategic data management planning

  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation & Division of Hematology/Oncology – Developed and maintained a FileMaker Pro solution for oncology clinical trials, streamlining research grant management, Serious Adverse Event reporting, and ensuring FDA regulatory compliance

  • University of California, San Franscisco (UCSF)

    Developed a custom FileMaker Pro system to streamline their Temporary Employment Program (TEP). The solution managed prospective hires, facilitated departmental job matching, and handled complex billing and accounting processes

  • University of Southern California (USC)

    Designed a custom application management system to address challenges in their college and graduate admissions processes, optimizing data handling and decision-making

  • US Olympic Wrestling Team

    Collaborated to design a tailored multi-media training system, addressing performance analysis challenges and optimizing athlete development. This innovative solution was showcased at the Macromedia developers conference and in Publish magazine

  • Walt Disney Studios

    Provided technical consulting for a complex project, optimizing communication between disparate systems, showcasing adaptability to different technology stacks, and ensuring solution integrity through code review

  • William Morris Agency (WMA)

    Successfully designed and supported a complex system encompassing deal memos, contracts, riders, itineraries, and more. Enabled seamless talent deal management for over a decade and supported over $3B in transactions within the dynamic entertainment industry

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