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Brushfire2 Beta Program

Brushfire2™ is the new FileMaker development utility which can make a dramatic difference in the time and energy you put into building and testing your database solutions. The more complex your project, the more you will benefit from using Brushfire2.

Brushfire2 Offers the following major enhancements:
  • Complete dependency and Cross Referencing of Scripts, Fields, Layouts, and Relations

  • Cascading displays of script sequences and field calculation sequences

  • Clear presentation of all uses of all system elements including Uses and Used By references.

  • Runs on Macintosh OS X in addition to Windows and Macintosh Classic

  • Leverages the FileMaker Developer DDR report in addition to supporting text output on Mac Classic
If you are interested in being considered for the beta program, send email to

Please include the following information:
  • Platform(s) you are willing to test: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP; Macintosh 9, Macintosh OS X

  • Versions of FileMaker Pro you own: FileMaker Pro 5.5, FileMaker Pro 6.0, FileMaker Developer 5.5, FileMaker Developer 6.0

  • Previous Brushfire Experience, if any, including platform and version

  • Any comments you would like to share with us

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