Brushfire Version and Update History

What's New in Brushfire 2.1
Brushfire 2.1 is a significant update to Brushfire 2.0. Brushfire 2.1 adds a Brushfire Object Browser tool, that allows Brushfire data to be explored from within a FileMaker Pro environment, and works in conjunction with the HTML reports that Brushfire creates. Brushfire 2.1 also improves Button/Script references, adds complete search capabilities, and a number of bug fixes. In addition, Brushfire 2.1 is more compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.

The Macintosh OS X and Windows version leverage the convenience of FileMaker Developer XML-based DDR reports.

What's New in Brushfire 2.0
Brushfire 2.0 is a massively different product than Brushfire 1.5. Brushfire 2 rigorously handles Fields, Layouts, Relationships and Script usage as well as provides a large number of error and issue reports. Brushfire 2 supports a multiple-window display model that lets you see far more information at one time than any other FileMaker Pro oriented analysis utility, and organizes the information in an intuitive HTML display. Brushfire2 is truly fast enough to use on-site and in urgent situations, and can conveniently be run many times in the same work session.

The Macintosh OS X and Windows version leverage the convenience of FileMaker Developer XML-based DDR reports. The Mac Classic version continues to use a Print2Pict based model. These two approaches yield slightly different details that can both be useful.

What's New in Brushfire 1.5.3
Brushfire 1.5.3 is a minor update that adds "Next" and "Previous" buttons to script details, handles duplicate script text files gracefully, implements some changes to work better with Internet Explorer 5.1, and ensures the key validation works with all Brushfire versions:

  • "Next" and "Prev" hyperlinks have been added to the script detail screen, to simplify reading the script text in native script order.
  • An error message (Error 404) has been added when duplicate script text files are encountered containing scripts for the same FileMaker file. Before, Brushfire would merge the scripts from the two files, which was not helpful. Now, only the script text from the first file read is used, and an "Error 404" message is generated.
  • The latest version (5.1) of Internet Explorer is now case-sensitive when dealing with HTML class names; the spelling of the class "scriptline" has been made consistent throughout the style sheets and the engine-generated html files.
  • Remove the requirement in the Brushfire.key to have an extra end-of-line character. This will make key generation easier and supports all 1.5 key types.

What's New in Brushfire 1.5.2
Brushfire 1.5.2 is a minor update that fixes a couple of bugs and refines some of the search results to avoid false positives:

  • Checking of the Brushfire.key file has been improved both in the main Brushfire Engine, and in a new separate KeyVerify application, designed to assist users test keys on installation.
  • Welcome screen of Brushfire Reports now shows the version number and registration information.
  • Perform Script script steps to an external file with an IP address are now formatted similarly to other Perform Script steps. The script name is also now formatted correctly as a hyperlink.
  • The search for an empty field test has been expanded so that the search is for an empty text constant (two consecutive double quote marks) followed by either a space, right paren, or new line character. This should prevent embedded quotes from being misidentified as empty text constants.
  • A Send Apple Event (Mac) or a Send Message (Windows) script steps, which contains the FileMaker keyword unknown is no longer flagged as an error if it immediately follows the keyword Application: (Mac) or Program: (Windows), since frequently the operating system will not store the name of the embedded application.

What's New in Brushfire 1.5.1
Brushfire 1.5.1 was a minor update that introduced a major problem with key verification. Brushfire 1.5.1 should not be used; Brushfire 1.5.2 fixes these issues.

What's New in Brushfire 1.5
Brushfire 1.5 is a substantial upgrade and adds the following major new features:

  • Single screen setup interface for both Mac & Windows
  • Script Search finds any text in any script line
  • Search results are displayed in a permanent list
  • Script Errors and Calls to Missing Files now separate reports
    (this allows partial solutions to be processed)
  • Halt Statement report shows all scripts using the Halt command
  • Layout dependent script steps report
  • Delete script steps report
  • Macintosh & Windows platform dependent script steps identified
  • SQL statement script steps identified
  • Empty string test (null test) script steps identified
  • More robust and forgiving overall

What's New in Brushfire 1.0.4
Brushfire for Windows 1.0.4 is a maintenance release for all Brushfire users, Macintosh and Windows.

  • Improved Log.
  • Engine handles more unusual cases gracefully.
  • Brushfire Engine derived from common code base for both Mac and Windows versions.
  • PrintWidget (PC) more robust.

What's New in Brushfire for Windows 1.0.3
Brushfire for Windows 1.0.3 is the initial release of the Windows version of Brushfire.

  • Works on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
  • Single Screen Interface.
  • Single button click to Print All Scripts from all open FileMaker Pro files.
  • Faster PC I/O results in faster report generation.

What's New in Brushfire for Macintosh Update 1.0.2
Brushfire for Macintosh 1.0.2 address a number of relatively minor issues:

  • Internal links on the detail page do not start a new page.
    This is especially useful if you have used the "open frame in new window" option in IE or Netscape.
  • "Welcome" frame added on startup.
  • Sometimes, especially when moving files between PC and Mac, FileMaker will add and/or remove the .fp5 extension from the file name in external script references. Prior versions of Brushfire would sometimes report this as a script error and the script link would not work. Now, Brushfire attempts to match a filename in an external call that can't be located literally by adding or removing the ".fp5" extension to see if it can find a match.
  • Chaparral web link is opened as a separate page, so the "Files" frame isn't destroyed.
  • Multiple instances of "Go to Layout by Field Reference" using the same field no longer produce duplicate listings of the field name in the script/layout cross reference.

What's New in Brushfire for Macintosh Update 1.0.1
Brushfire Update 1.0.1 address a number of bugs and adds some new features.

Features Added:

  • Better Script Error Report - now includes more error cases
  • IP Address Calls Report - lists all scripts with embedded IP calls
  • Go to Layout by field reference now supported in Script/Layout Cross Reference

Bugs Fixed:

  • Brushfire Reports now visible on PC browsers (frameset bug fixed)
  • Brushfire Reports now work with Netscape 6 browser on Mac
  • Scanner improved to handle international date formats without choking
  • Multiple separator lines now format cleanly in script list
  • All 8-bit ASCII characters now properly encoded for html
  • 31 character limit on report name now enforced (to prevent Mac OS error)

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