Why should Brushfire 2 be an indispensable part of your solutions development toolkit?
SPEED: Brushfire 2 Scans thousands of FileMaker Pro Objects in seconds.

Brushfire is the only FileMaker development tool, for Windows® or Macintosh® platforms, that can process thousands of lines of script code, fields, layouts and relations in seconds, not hours. No other developer product can make this claim!

CONTENT: Brushfire 2 gives you the data you've been wanting.

The Brushfire Engine is a custom-written C++ program designed to quickly analyze scripts and produce easy-to-use HTML reports of data that’s hard to find otherwise:

  • Complete Cross-References of Fields, Relations, Scripts and Layouts
  • Call Sequence Chains and Field Calculation Chains
  • Intuitive Uses and Used By listings for every object.
  • Many error and warning reports
  • Full object details with dependent objects all in one place

EFFECTIVENESS: Brushfire 2 will make you money.

The HTML reports generated by Brushfire not only will decrease your debugging and support costs, but also provide an opportunity to deliver a professional cross-reference report to your customers and internal clients.

VALUE: Brushfire 2 will pay for itself in its very first use.

Brushfire 2 will pay for itself the first time you successfully debug a complex solution in minutes instead of hours. The first time you choose not to duplicate a field or script unnecessarily. The first time you need to review someone else’s code, or refactor a complex process.

DETAIL: All the debugging data you need on one page.

Brushfire was written to solve a real-world problem in complex FileMaker solutions development. Other analysis tools take hours to chug through files, and then require many mouse-clicks to get at the relevant data. Brushfire 2 takes seconds to run, and produces linked HTML pages that each display the data you need, so you can quickly see what’s going on with your code. And Brushfire 2 works across all files of your solution.

Spend your valuable time on programming.

Less time spent on code management equals lots more time to produce professional FileMaker Pro database solutions. Think what effect that will have on improving your bottom line.

Still want to learn more? Move on to The Process.

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