Practical XML for FileMaker Pro

An in-depth two-day seminar on XML/XSLT and FileMaker Pro. This course is designed for FileMaker Pro developers with a strong emphasis on real-world issues and techniques.

We'll discuss how FileMaker Pro handles XML on the client and server, some pros and cons of various XSLT editors, cover a basic introduction to XSLT, and reinforce a solid understand of the XML/XSLT architecture within the FileMaker Pro environment. Integration techiques for combining Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing will be considered for IWP reporting solutions. Inter-application communication with MS Office and other applications will be reviewed. Web service integration with services such as Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay using XML will also be discussed.

Russell Kohn leads this class.

Day 1 The class starts with a conceptual overview entitled The ABCs of XML for FMP Users which combines lecture style presentation and examples. Allowing ample time for discussion, this segment provides definitions of key terms, demonstrations of interesting uses of the technology, and clearly shows how all the various pieces of the XML puzzle fit together.

This is followed by a series of progressive examples that build on each other illustrating increasingly complex XSLT constructs. Starting from a first Hello World XSLT Stylesheet, students progress to stylesheets that access FileMaker Pro data and metadata for import and export. By the end of the first day, students will have gained a basic understanding of XML and understand the basics of implementing solutions using XSLT for deployment on FMP Client and Server environments.
Day 2 The second day has several segments that build on the concepts covered in Day 1. Applied XML & XSLT Tools will dissect several web service samples such as those for ServiceObjects, Amazon, and Yahoo, followed by a discussion of XML Tools. Techniques for linking FileMaker Pro data to Microsoft Office, advanced XSLT concepts, and suggestions on how to create reusable XSLT code for FileMaker Pro project work will also be presented.
About the Instructor Russell Kohn is the founder and owner of Chaparral Software. Russ designed and wrote EZxslt, has been the leading instructor of XML for FileMaker Developers for over three years, and has delivered variations of this class many times in many locations around the world.

Russ was asked by FileMaker, Inc. to prepare the materials used in their keynote presentation at Devcon 2004 covering Instant Web Publishing, Custom Web Publishing and MS Office integration, which many attendees claim was one of the more compelling demos shown.

Russ has developed and delivered dozens of advanced XML/XSLT solutions to clients. Many FileMaker Solutions Alliance members and other professional database developers have turned to Russ to assist them in developing the XML/XSLT integration components for their projects.

Throughout his career, Russ has been involved in various professional development and user group associations. These include the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, leading the LAMG FileMaker SIG for many years in the 1990's, and performing various leadership roles with the FMDiSC, including several years as a Board Member.

XML technology came to my attention in late 1999, and I began trying to read and understand how it fits into the market. I found it extremely frustrating that most of the information available was either marketing hyperbole or complete geek. There seemed little information that was truly digestable. When FileMaker, Inc. shipped FileMaker Pro 6 and added XML/XSLT support, I decided to leverage what I had learned, and to develop and support a product (EZxslt). Over the months since, I have talked to hundreds of developers and discovered many shared my frustration in learning to apply XML and XSLT technology to real world situations. Out of this need came the foundations for this class, which is designed primarily to demystify XML and XSLT technology and empower students to use it as another tool in their pallet.

I've been building and supporting real-world data management solutions since 1986. Over the years, I used many different tools including Omnis, Hypercard, Macromedia Director Lingo, Applescript, Excel, 4D, Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server, forth, pascal, fortran(!), and of course Filemaker Pro. This experience has allowed me to gain perspective on technology trends and issues, as well as encouraged a certain mental flexibility regarding tools, languages and methodologies. I believe in a personal approach to learning, with a heavy emphasis on pragmatic, real-world issues; for, after all, most of us live where the rubber meets the road.

I think in two days I can impart, in a fun and exciting way, some very usable approaches to XML for FileMaker Pro developers.
Prerequisites Intermediate level FileMaker Pro development expertise.
No prior exposure to XML is assumed or required.
Experience with HTML is helpful but not a strict requirement.
Dates & Location Upcoming Classes
  • August 26-27, 2005 - Phoenix, AZ
    (Fri - Sat before Devcon)
  • September 1-2, 2005 - Phoenix, AZ
    (Thur-Fri after Devcon)

Prior versions of this class have previously been taught in the following cities:
  • Amsterdam
  • Boston
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
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