Brushfire Discount Period Extended to Sept 30
Submitted: 2001-09-10 17:30:43 by Russell Kohn

Thanks to user demand, we have extended the introductory pricing of $79.95 for Brushfire until September 30, 2001. This price will go up substantially when we release our next major update with additional functionality and our PC version in Q4 of this year. So, if you need Brushfire now, you can save at least 20% by purchasing a license today.

Purchase Brushfire here:


Brushfire is a standalone utility for quickly analyzing FileMaker scripts and simplifying the process of making changes to medium and complex FileMaker solutions. Brushfire helps users to easily:

  • Locate script errors
  • Review script code that spans multiple files on one page
  • Plan changes to scripts by identifying dependencies
  • Review other developer's code quickly
  • Identify unused scripts
  • Verify layout/script navigational control
  • Find any embedded IP addresses in scripts

Written in C++ for speed, the Brushfire engine typically analyzes complex, multiple file solutions in less than a minute, making Brushfire the fastest analyzing tool developed for the FileMaker Pro user.

Features include:

  • Script lists can be sorted by name, usage, and error
  • Cross reference of all call-to and call-by scripts
  • Script detail listings with all details on one page
  • Complete tree of script calls
  • Script Errors report
  • Embedded IP report
  • Layout/Script usage

Brushfire produces script listings that are easy to read, navigate through, and use. Brushfire script listings are larger, more flexible, and better organized than what is available elsewhere and include the unique feature of being able to easily compare scripts side-by-side, even including external scripts. It may be faster to regenerate a Brushfire report than to worry about keeping prior analysis runs.

Several of our users are reporting fascinating techniques for using the reports themselves, searching the HTML results with text editors, and even importing certain data into Excel for further analysis. We will be posting some of these techniques on our web site for you to learn from soon.


This is an exciting time for people who create FileMaker databases. The new FileMaker developer tool to be released soon will provide the foundation for development. The Script Debugger it includes will help with many small interactive tasks, and the new DDR (Database Design Report) provides both a listing of structure for archival purposes, plus the means for third party developers to obtain much richer meta-data about FileMaker solutions than was previously possible.

How Brushfire fits into the market:

  • Focuses on doing a few things extremely well very quickly
  • Add analysis capabilities not available anywhere else
  • Fast enough to be used as often as needed in the same day on demand
  • Is an everyday tool

Our introductory sales incentives should give every FSA member an opportunity to try Brushfire and see how Brushfire, FileMaker Developer 5.5, and other third party tools complement each other and provide different useful information.


Here's what some of your FSA colleagues have said about Brushfire in the past few weeks:

  • ...Truly impressive. I would urge any DEVCON attendees to get a first hand look at this wonderful tool. The speed at which it analyzes your scripts is blistering. -- David Knight, d-Werks

  • All of the new products in the (FileMaker Developer Conference) showcase were great, but my top picks were Brushfire and Login Magic. -- Beverly Voth, Moonbow Software

  • As you can see from my Brushfire Log, I have a pretty large solution:

    Total files read: 34
    Total scripts read: 6142
    Total script lines read: 62581
    Total script lines processed: 7117
    Total time: 7 minutes 39.73 seconds.

    Out of the 6142 scripts there were 291 errors. Although a small percentage, I can't imagine how long it would have taken to find the 291 errors. As this solution will be for sale soon I need the solution to contain absolutely no script errors and now I am well on my way to correcting the errors. Thanks for the great program and excellent customer service! -- Shaunna Flynn, Diversified Computer Solution

  • I'm finding BrushFire to be an incredibly useful tool for analyzing and debugging complex scripts. It paid for itself in the time and frustration I saved the first time I used it to walk through a script that moved back and forth through five files. BrushFire showed me all of the script steps, and clearly illustrated what scripts a given script called, and what scripts it was called by. It definitely has a place in the tool kit of any serious FileMaker developer. -- Jonathan Reff, Imaging Solutions

For more user reviews see:


We have a surprise we hope to ship later this month that will be of further use to all FileMaker users who create databases. It will be great, fast and low cost. We think you'll like it! Owners of Brushfire will get it first, and be able to get it for less.


With your help, Brushfire can evolve into a toolset that helps fill your development support needs in ways other tools do not.

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