Brushfire 1.5 Selected by FileMaker, Inc. to review projects.

SANTA MONICA, CA - April 24, 2001 - Chaparral is extremely pleased to acknowledge that FileMaker, Inc. Developer Relations has selected Brushfire to assist them in reviewing and assessing submitted solutions to their new Solution Bundle Agreement Program.

The Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA) program allows FileMaker Solution Alliance (FSA) members the ability to volume license and distribute FileMaker Pro along with their solution in a single deliverable. Chaparral is pleased FMI is using Brushfire to help objectively measure solution integrity and assess functionality. For information on the SBA program click here.

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Brushfire is a product of Chaparral Software & Consulting Services, Inc., a privately-held corporation based in Santa Monica, California, that has been providing custom database consulting and programming services since 1986.

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FileMaker is a leading provider to the growing Web-publishing and workgroup database markets. FileMaker software lets departments and teams create databases to manage and track projects, assets and people. Its award-winning FileMaker line of database software provides relational power, instant and custom Web publishing and legendary ease-of-use. FileMaker, Inc. is the database software subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL).


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