Brushfire 2 for FileMaker Pro
New version of critically acclaimed tool to add features, support FileMaker Pro 6, and leverage XML

CALABASAS, CA -- July 9, 2002 -- In less than a year, Brushfire has become the premier FileMaker Pro script analysis utility. Brushfire 2 builds upon these capabilities and adds dependency tracking across all fields, layouts, relations and scripts in all files of a FileMaker Pro solution. Brushfire 2 adds complete support for FileMaker Pro 6.0 and retains the blazing fast performance of prior versions.

"We've listened to our customers", according to Chaparral president Russell Kohn. "By far the most common user request was for Brushfire to do more. By focusing on an open-standards approach we're able to leverage the capabilities of Browsers, FileMaker Pro 6 and XML to allow our customers much greater flexibility in how they customize and use the reports."

One of the more significant features added to FileMaker Pro 6 is support for XML. Brushfire 2 is designed to take advantage of these features. Summary data is provided in both XHTML and XML format, allowing end-users to customize and incorporate Brushfire results within their FileMaker Pro 6 systems.

Requirements and Availability:

Brushfire 2 is expected to be available for electronic download in mid-August. Pricing to be determined. Customers who purchase Brushfire 1.5 after July 1, 2002 will be eligible for a free upgrade. Current users may upgrade and cross-grade. Free sample Brushfire analyses and a free product demo are also available.

Brushfire requires: a Pentium Class PC or a PowerPC-based Macintosh; Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or MacOS 8.6 - 9.x, or MacOSX in Classic Compatibility mode; FileMaker 5.0 or later and a CSS-1 Compatible Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer 5.

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