Database Management

For most data management projects we have been extremely happy with FileMaker Pro from FileMaker Corporation. Each major version gets better, richer and the transition between versions has been more stable than any other tool we have used. Currently, we feel that FileMaker Pro, coupled with the FileMaker Pro Server and FileMaker Pro Unlimited, are suitable for about 80% of the projects we have the opportunity to work on because it offers low cost, cross-platform, client-server capabilities with a rich interface capability. While not the most flexible or most powerful development environment we support, FileMaker Pro is extremely versatile and powerful enough for most production environments. Where a more sophisticated solution is called for, we often prototype the graphic interface and data model in FileMaker Pro because it so much cheaper to make changes when the scope of work is fluid.

Client Server Solutions - Omnis Studio and a SQL database

When more power is needed in a data management environment, we turn to Omnis Studio from Raining Data to build interfaces which draw data from nearly every major SQL client-server database engine such as Oracle and Sybase. We have been building solutions in the Omnis family of products for over ten years and see it as the most powerful cross-platform database development language and environment on the market. Although not as popular as PowerBuilder from PowerSoft, nor as well known as 4D in the Mac marketplace, Omnis has a complete powerful development language with enough sophistication to easily surpass most programmer's capabilities: we are typically limited only by our own imagination and skill. Omnis-based solutions are appropriate for mission critical client server applications in medium to large installations.

Data Backup Systems

Every Macintosh based network needs to be backed up regularly, reliably and with minimal thought. The industry recognized leader in the Macintosh backup field is Retrospect from Dantz Development Corporation. Chaparral Software was the first certified Dantz Consultant in the Southern California area and has been certified ever since that program started over four years ago. We install Retrospect frequently and can provide you with a fixed-price installation estimate for the hardware, software and services it takes to successfully implement a complete and comprehensive backup strategy. Even if you don't buy your backup solution from us, backup your data today!

Calendaring & To Do List Management

For everyday multi-user contact management and calendaring we support the Now Software suite: Now Up-To-Date and Now Contact. These inexpensive tools provide very good and easy to use multi-user calendar and contact manager capabilities.

Scripting and Other tools

We also make use of AppleScript and script support tools to create custom solutions which link data between applications and automate repetitive tasks. We have significant experience with other scripting languages such as Macromedia Director Lingo, as well as "office productivity" software such as ClarisWorks, the Microsoft Office Suite, and numerous smaller tools and utilities too numerous to list here. If you require support or development in another environment, give us a call or send us an email and we'll let you know if we can help you out.

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