Brushfire is the pre-eminent FileMaker script analysis tool.

Brushfire™ is the premier FileMaker development utility which can make a dramatic difference in the time and energy you put into building and testing your database solutions. The more complex your project, the more you will benefit from using Brushfire.

Brushfire 2 is available for Windows and Mac OS X environments for use with FileMaker Pro 5.5 and FileMaker Pro 6 solutions

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EZxslt places FileMaker data into your MS Word documents.

EZxslt™ is the FileMaker Pro to Rich Text Format conversion tool which lets you bring database information seamlessly and quickly into your MS Word (or nearly any other word processor) documents by taking advantage of FileMaker Pro's XML export capabilities.

EZxslt works with FileMaker Pro 6, FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Pro 9 based solutions and nearly any word processor.

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