Our general consulting and project management services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We have over sixteen years experience in developing cross-platform business solutions. This experience has taught us to keep a keen eye on the real capability of the tools we use to ensure the right fit between our customer's need and the solution we provide. We are also unafraid to tell you if we think something will not work, is not a great idea, or if we feel you are underestimating the effort it will take to realize your goals.

We know it’s impossible to choose a consultant from images and words alone: consulting is based on a trust-relationship created through the effort of achieving common goals. But we’ve been helping businesses since 1986, and we’re proud of our record of successes.

To begin the process, please meet with one of our senior consultants, discuss your situation, and sample our problem-solving intellectual capabilities.

We've worked with a wide range of tools, people and projects and know what it takes to plan, manage and realize a solution which works in the real world. See some of the tools we use to build our solutions.

We’ve developed our systematic approach to helping our customers design, implement and install data management solutions by trial, expert resources and insight from our clients. Click here for a flow chart outlining our production process.
Seminars and classes
Chaparral offers a limited number of advanced technology seminars and classes, both on our own and in conjunction with leading training companies.

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