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Purchasers of retail products have several support options:

You can submit bug reports, request assistance to resolve problems, and suggest improvements to our products and services. You may receive technical assistance if you are a registered Chaparral customer.

If you have a non-technical question about a Chaparral Software product, or you would like to send a comment, suggestion or other feedback to us, please send email to

If you have a technical question about a Chaparral Software product, follow the following steps:

Remote Support services are ideal for customers with backup systems, custom data management systems, or with other mission-critical applications which may require our support on a relatively frequent basis. With Remote Support, we connect to your network and can take control of one or more computers from our offices.

We update files, examine logs, change configurations, and perform nearly all non-system level support functions directly from our offices without the need for a more costly site visit. Customers with Remote Support typically recoup their investment in the capability within a few weeks.

Field Services Email Request:
Field Services contact number: 818-225-1247

When our clients have a problem at their offices, we are ready to come on site and help resolve the problem. This can range from fixing the "My Mac has crashed and can't get up" complaint to resolving network or backup systems problems.

Our field services are geared towards small- to mid-sized companies and departments in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer both an hourly-rate based service, and retainer-based services. Prepaid-retainer clients not only receive a discount, but also benefit by receiving priority scheduling for their trouble calls.

Field Services Email Request:
Field Services contact number: 818-225-1247

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