Chaparral Software’s BRUSHFIRE Gets RAVE Reviews!

Here are a few quotes from enthusiastic Brushfire users:

  • Brushfire 2 is a must-have utility. No serious FileMaker Pro developer who is maintaining FileMaker-based solutions, or upgrading solutions to FileMaker Pro 7 should waste valuable time without Brushfire 2.
       -- Phil Goodman, Goodman Consulting

  • Brushfire 2 is fantastic, it works so well. It is a dream to process the files.
       -- Larry Schultz, Apple Computer

  • Brushfire 2 did our bloated beast in less than 2 minutes. This rules! I'm using the stew out of it.
       -- Geoff Graham, Renew Life

  • I like the Brushfire 2 report very much. It's created very fast and it's very complete. It is extremely convenient to use and the interface is good too. Got used to it very fast. All in all: a great product! Thank you very much.
       -- Peter Soetens, WhizZ Productions

  • As an Access developer working on my first major FileMaker Pro application, I had almost given up because the complex scripts were next to impossible to follow. With Brushfire I was able to do about a week’s worth of debugging in about 4 hours, and I now have the confidence to tell my users "this will work."
       -- Tom Clavel, Programmer/Analyst, Cornell University

  • We've been rewriting some of the very oldest parts of 7Office, our comprehensive customer management solution, in some cases code that is more than five years old. Essentially you've made that possible. You've saved us hundreds upon hundreds of tedious hours. Brushfire instantly shows all the links to and from any of the thousands of scripts in the 34 7Office files. It highlights scripts with missing fields, layouts and the like. And obsolete code that can be safely deleted. A programmer's dream. Running Brushfire has become an essential 7Office development tool.
       -- Morley Chalmers, 7Office Sales Management, FSA Member

  • Brushfire saved the day! I was able to complete the work and deliver it on time. Nothing beats having the ability to trace from a master script through all its subscripts across several files, to open a script's subscript in a new window right alongside it, a sub-subscript in another new window, and so on (limited only by the size of your monitor). And, even better, the ability to trace from a little script back up through the scripts that call it, until you find the one that says "No calls to this script", so you know you've identified the "master" script that sets off a whole routine. Brushfire is a must-have for analyzing multiple interdependent inter-file scripts.
       -- Ilyse Kazar, Datatude, FSA Member

  • Brushfire is an essential part of my developer tool kit... it helps me find problems before my clients do, and because it generates output (for a complex solution) in just a few minutes, I can use it frequently with almost zero down time. On the rare occasions I've had to rebuild a file from scratch, it's proved invaluable. I would encourage any serious FileMaker developer who isn't familiar with this product to download the free demo.
       -- Kevin Frank, Kevin Frank and Associates, FSA Member

  • I purchased Brushfire to help me debug a script error that was located somewhere admist 450 scripts and thousands of code lines. With the help of Brushfire, I found the offensive code and corrected the problem in 10 minutes. I saved at least 8 to 10 hours of tedious drudgery and kept my business humming along. Brushfire paid for itself 3 times over on its first use.
       -- David Lowrey, Apartment Express Corporate Housing

  • Thank you for allowing me to participate in your beta program. For all its power and unbeatable speed, Brushfire is deceptively simple to use. I no longer cringe at the thought of generating a new report when a large system has been modified. Nor do I need to wait until morning to see a report that had to be run overnight, or set up a separate machine to keep reporting from interfering with developing. Brushfire's a keeper!
       -- Heather McCue, OshVay Associates, FSA Member

  • Get Brushfire! It's fast. And I mean FAST. And if you ever inherit a project, you'll love the feature that checks for embedded IP addresses.
       -- Wim Decorte, Connecting Data, FSA Member

  • The result is very impressive -- Any developer performing any kind of troubleshooting and/or rebuilding should not consider continuing to work without this tool.
       -- John Weinshel, Datagrace, FSA Member
  • ...Truly impressive. I would urge any DevCon attendees to get a first-hand look at this wonderful tool. The speed at which it analyzes your scripts is blistering.
       -- David Knight, d-Werks, FSA Partner
  • Brushfire is an awesome tool for tracing script dependencies. I was initially very impressed by it; as I use it more and more, that respect dramatically increases.
       -- Steven Blackwell, FSA Partner
  • All of the new products in the (FileMaker Developer Conference) showcase were great, but my top picks were Brushfire and Login Magic
       -- Beverly Voth, Moonbow Software, FSA Member
  • Brushfire is a real time-saver. I could resolve a nasty bug in one huge script going file-to-file in no time using Brushfire.
       -- Stefan Schutt, Mouse Up, FSA Member
  • I think Brushfire is a great tool, well worth the price. The ability to document all the script interrelations for a major solution in less than a minute is awesome! I especially like the ability to print out an entire script with all it's subscripts.
       -- Steve Gerow, FSA Member
  • Brushfire is a development tool on a scale that FileMaker developers have not previously seen. Tracing a script sequence across multiple files has always been challenging; Brushfire makes this not only manageable, but downright easy! I recommend Brushfire for any serious FileMaker developer.
       -- Robert Shockey, Shockey Solutions, FSA Member
  • Truly a joy to behold....I am thrilled by the beta and think you have a killer product up and coming.
       -- Dave Marran, Working Solutions, FSA Member
  • To clear deadwood from evolving FileMaker solutions, Brushfire works hard, so I don't have to. Until I win the Lotto, I will never again build a file set that isn't Brushfire-enabled.
       -- Roger Grodin, Redwing Financial Group
  • Man, this is going to be big! Brushfire cut through the data for a set of 18 files like butter. I think the time was 44 seconds. It appears to be working great.
       -- Barry Isakson, Architectronica, FSA Member
  • Brushfire is the best tool available for analyzing complex scripts. The sheer speed of it allows me to utilize it on a daily basis. Instead of taking hours to cross-reference large solutions like other FileMaker analysis tools, it takes seconds!!! Not only is it fast, the results are extremely useful. With Brushfire I easily follow the logic of scripts with multiple subscripts across related files. Because of this I can find problems and extraneous script steps faster than ever before.
       -- Rajendra Serber, ScottWorld, FSA Member
  • I'm finding BrushFire to be an incredibly useful tool for analyzing and debugging complex scripts. It paid for itself in the time and frustration I saved the first time I used it to walk through a script that moved back and forth through five files. BrushFire showed me all of the script steps, and clearly illustrated what scripts a given script called, and what scripts it was called by. It definitely has a place in the tool-kit of any serious FileMaker developer.
       -- Jonathan Reff, Imaging Solutions, FSA Member
  • Brushfire is fast and easy to use. More importantly the analysis is comprehensive and, with its numbered links to subscripts, it is easy to follow complex procedures. This is a great script-debugging tool which no developer should overlook.
       -- Martin Cohen, FSA Member
  • As you can see from my Brushfire Log, I have a pretty large solution:

    Total files read: 34
    Total scripts read: 6142
    Total script lines read: 62581
    Total script lines processed: 7117
    Total time: 7 minutes 39.73 seconds.

    Out of the 6142 scripts there were 291 errors. Although a small percentage, I can't imagine how long it would have taken to find the 291 errors. As this solution will be for sale soon I need the solution to contain absolutely no script errors, and now I am well on my way to correcting the errors. Thanks for the great program and excellent customer service!
       -- Shaunna Flynn, Diversified Computer Solutions
  • Everything worked great! I LOVE that the report is saved in HTML!! I do most of my development on a PC and can read the report in my "native" environment while I fix redundant scripts and whatnot. Great tool. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. Keep up the good work...
       -- Jeanette Fuss, Filemakerologist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Great Product, Great Support - What more can you ask for?
       -- David Petrie, Rooftop Motel

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